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The Walrus Sales Walkway has proved to be a great success with the majority of our customer’s boats selling within 4 weeks of arriving at Shamrock Quay, Southampton.

The walkway first appeared in 2003 and offered spaces for 6 customer boats at any time. For the 2007 season, the sales area has doubled to meet the demand as, progressively, more owners are seeing the benefit from presenting their boats for sale in this manner. The dedicated sales area allows good and immediate access to boats which are clearly for sale and are presented in the correct manner.

The boats have generally been cleared of the owners personal effects and we can provide “sales kits” which are small generic items such as flowers, cushions and towels which help to present the boats in the most positive way.

Our office on site at Shamrock Quay is open 7 days a week and our friendly and efficient staff are available to show the boats at all times. We believe that a well presented and easy to view boat will sell first and at the best price.

Please feel free to discuss with us how the Walrus Sales Walkway may help with the marketing of your boat.